Tex wins Canine Mayor of Salt Lake County, Inauguration Set for November 25

The Salt Lake County Animal Services Mayor Ben McAdams and are excited to tell you about the election results of the recent “Canine Mayor of Salt Lake County” campaign. Tex, the “caninedate” who is happily supported by American Dog Rescue was able to raise a whopping $7500 and successfully became the Canine Mayor. The new Deputy Canine Mayor is CeCe, a 3.5-year-old mini Golden Doodle.

All K9 residents of Salt Lake City were encouraged to make their own Mayoral Campaigns. Even though they had to be residents of Salt Lake City County, voters could live anywhere around the world. We had an unbelievable turnout of 1500 people who cast their votes through 1 dollar donations with the proceeds befitting Salt Lake’s Injured Animal Fund. In total, there were 14 dogs who hit the streets liking babies and shaking paws.

A total of $23,080 was raised from the campaign. This includes all of the funds raised from the fourteen K9's and their filing fees. According to Mike Reberg, Director of Salt Lake County Animal Services, “This fundraiser was one of the most successful ever held by our company. The money raised for the Injured Animal Fund is going to help a lot of injured and sick pets that find themselves in our care.”

“I very much look forward to having the companionship of Salt Lake County’s first canine mayor or deputy mayor at local community events,” said Mayor McAdams. “I know Tex and CeCe will be excellent advocates for all of our community’s furry friends.” “In the past 7 years, I have served in dog rescue and have never witnessed such a creative way of fundraising to save injured animals. Thank you, Mayor McAdams and the whole Salt Lake County Animal Services team!” barks the new Canine Mayor. “It is my honour to serve Salt Lake County as its Doggy Mayor for the next 2 years, and I pledge to do my very best to see every home that wants a pet companion has one, and that every cat and dog in the county has a home.”

CeCe and Texas will serve a term of 2-years and attend all special occasions with Mayor McAdams. CeCe and Texas will be inaugurated into office at the Salt Lake County Council meeting's special presentation.

If you would like to get more information about Salt Lake County Animal Services, please visit their website at www.adoptutahpets.com.


  • Ending Puppy Mills
  • Promoting Animal Adoption
  • Promoting Spay & Neuter Program
  • Serving as Spokesdog for Animals Worldwide
  • Raising Money for Animal Charities


    There are no upcoming events at this time.



  • Wayne Niederhauser, Utah Senate President
  • Peter Corroon, Former Salt Lake County Mayor
  • Joe Cannon, Former Utah Republican Chair
  • Jim Dabakis, Utah Senator
  • Gene Davis, Utah Senator
  • Josie Valdez, Utah Democratic Party Leader
  • Todd Weiler, Utah Senator
  • Brian King, Utah Representative
  • Donald Dunn, Former Utah Democratic Chair
  • Brian King, Utah Representative
  • Jason Mathis, Downtown Alliance Executive Director
  • Mark Wheatley, Utah Representative
  • Rebecca Chavez Houck, Utah Representative
  • Jenny Wilson, Candidate for County Council
  • Weston Clark, Salt Lake School Board Candidate
  • Karen Mayne, Utah Senator


Arthur E. BenjaminADR Founder

Arthur has rescued and (more importantly) been rescued by Tex and his younger brother Bandit, toy poodles Buddy and Holly and many others throughout the years.

Sundays HuntUtah State Director, HSUS

Sundays, as Utah State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, fully endorses Tex for Salt Lake County mayor for the positive impact she knows he will have on SLC animal issues.

Donald DunnTex's Campaign Manager

Donald has a long history in politics, including serving in the Clinton White House. He is also a dog lover, intent on getting Tex elected for his stance on critical animal issues.

American Dog RescueNon-Profit Organization

Tex has the support of the entire American Dog Rescue team behind him. ADR has backed a number of animal rights causes, individual animal rescues, puppy mill shutdowns and more.


Tex is one of 14 dog candidates running for a two year term to serve as the first canine mayor of Salt Lake County.

Votes are cast October 1-21 by making a donation to Salt Lake County Animal Services , benefiting their injured animal fund.  Each vote is made with a $1 donation. Multiple votes may be cast by an individual. Should there be a tie, the winner will be determined by how many uniquely individual votes have been cast on behalf of the candidate.





Tex has called Sandy, Utah home for close to 10 years now. Being a death-row rescue himself, primarily due to severe separation anxiety issues, Tex is sympathetic to the plight of all dogs in need of help. As mayor, he will not rest until every dog has a home (and every home has a dog).